Monday, June 26, 2017

First Weekend of Summer!

It's officially summer! Honestly D.C. has had pretty beautiful weather for a couple of months now, but last week marked the official start of summer so technically this weekend was the first weekend of summer.

Looking at my calendar I realize that summer is going to end about as quickly as it began.... I'm literally booked through September with a few random free Saturdays or Sundays here and there. But honestly, I prefer it that way. I love being busy, spending time with friends, and getting outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

This past weekend I did all of those things. Friday was spent drinking frozen mango margaritas and an early bedtime to prepare for a busy next two days.

Saturday was WMZQ fest at Jiffy Lube Live. There is honestly something so great about summertime and country concerts. We tailgated for hours and got to see Kelsey Bellerini, Brett Young (absolute favorite right now), and Lady Antebellum perform. It was a super long day that started at noon and went until about midnight, but it was absolutely worth it and we had an absolute blast.

Sunday honestly may have been one of the most relaxing days I've had in awhile. Our initial plan was to hike to Devil's Bathtub, but we woke up just a bit to late to make the drive.

So instead we put on our thinking caps and decided to go tubing instead. We went to Harper's Ferry West Virginia and rented tubes and just floated the river for a few hours. We got some much needed sun, listened to some summertime tunes, and basically solved all of the problems of the world chatting in the sunshine on the water.

As I said, I have a super crazy summer ahead with trips, visitors, and countless fun things planned. I'm so excited to continue to share it all with you, but as for now I can say I kicked off summer in the best way possible!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

National Wear Your Lilly Day


It's the first day of summer, which also means it's 'National Wear Your Lilly Day!' I am 100% obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer. My collection has gotten slightly out of hand, but I just love the bright colors and beautiful prints! They keep my spirits high and have me feeling fabulous while I'm out and about.

I haven't bought any new pieces yet for this summer, but I'm hoping to stop by my local store (Georgetown, D.C.) this weekend because they're having a gift-with-purchase sale which makes spending the money on Lilly that much more worth it.

In honor of such a wonderful day I wanted to share some of my favorites from the new arrivals. Hopefully after Saturday I'll have some pictures of me in some of them to show off.


Top Left: Kerri Maxi Dress
Top Left Middle: Georgia May Palazzo Pant
Top Right Middle: Tala Romper
Top Right: UPF 50+ Captain Popover
Bottom Left: Rivera Straw Tote Bag
Bottom Middle: Circa Round Beach Towel
Bottom Right: Frannie Set

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Head to the Hills

We all have those day, weeks, sometimes even months that challenge us. It seems like everything is piling up and we wonder how many bad or unfortunate things can happen at one time. Last week I was having one of those weeks, and although I'm not one to dwell on bad things it's still important to recognize that I was in a major funk and rejoice in the fact I faced it head on and am now having a terrific week.

Dealing with stress is different for everyone and everyone shows stress in different ways. Honestly, when I'm stressed you would never know. I don't act flustered, I usually go about my day-to-day like everything is fine, but my body physically reacts. I'll get migraines or be extra exhausted and on two different occasions now I've actually contracted stomach ulcers. This is just as unhealthy, if not more unhealthy, than stressing openly.

So, I've learned ways to I cope and that help me to tackle any obstacle that come my way. Some examples are running, hot baths, speaking with one or two specific friends that can really pick apart a situation, reading something completely fiction and mindless, and so on.

The number one thing I've found that works every single time is to get outside into nature and hike or run/walk nature trails.

So, last week after a day of teleworking with a friend out in Virginia I went to Burke Lake Park, a wonderful 4.5 mile loop around a huge lake that I used to frequent all of the time in college. I put my iPod on shuffle and let whatever song with whatever tempo/lyrics and I just ran and ran and ran until my legs gave out and walked the rest.

I ended up doing two loops for a total of 9 miles. I thought not about the things that were stressing me out, but instead about all of the blessings I have in my life and I just looked at the beautiful trees, flowers, and water and realized that my problems are not that big, and the ones that seem to be are absolutely manageable.

I'd love to hear in the comments about how you tackle a stressful period and please enjoy pictures from my beautiful day in the woods.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Best Running Trails in DC

So for the past couple weeks I have been absolutely killing myself to get back into shape. I was feeling a little fluffy after winter and for my own personal well-being I feel happier about 5-7 pounds lighter than I was.

Well, as of this morning I DID IT!! A couple weeks of eating really clean and running has me feeling (and looking) so much better. I've already written a post on 'getting summer ready' and put the disclaimer that everyone is beautiful in their own ways, own body types, and own personalities. Being slim and fit is just the way I feel my best me.

My secret to the clean eating has been meal prepping and staying rather paleo with the majority of my food being meats, vegetables, and eggs.

My secret to exercise has been running. To be honest: I. HATE. RUNNING! I always have and I've never been super great at it. But, the weather has been so great here in D.C. and I've found some amazing new spots that have made it super easy, and the results speak for themselves.

Check out my new favorite running spots and comment with any favorites of your own!

Georgetown Waterfront Trail

Distance: 3 Mile Loop
Path: Start at the Georgetown Waterfront and take the river path east past the Kennedy Center for 1.5 miles to the Lincoln Memorial and back.
Bonus Exercise: Depending on the time of day, run the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial for an extra burn!

Great Falls Virginia

Distance: 3 Miles- Down the Path and Back
Path: Start at the Visitor's Center and run east along the river trail.
Disclaimer: There are portions where running is more difficult and it becomes more of a hiking path. It is still great exercise to run/hike the trail.
Bonus Exercise: When taking breaks from running take some of the paths down to the river. An easy bit of hiking/climbing is required, getting some diversity in your exercise.

Alexandria Waterfront Trail

Distance: Variable- I Generally do a 6 Mile Loop
Path: Start at the Alexandria Waterfront and run north along the river trail. The trail will take you all the way to D.C. if you want a very long distance run (7-8 miles and then back south) but I generally run up to the Potomac Yards area and then back sound making it  6.
Bonus Exercise: Every time you see a bench do 15 triceps dips.

Roosevelt Island

Distance: 1.5 Miles along the Swamp Trail (Perimeter of the Island)
Path: Start at the parking lot and follow signs for the swamp trail. It takes you along the perimeter of the island and can be circled as many times as desired.
Disclaimer: This is a memorial island so reminder to be respectful of memorial sights and educational materials. 

Burke Lake Park

Distance: 4.5 Mile Loop
Path: Start at the parking near the amphitheater and follow the lake trail.
Bonus Exercise: The park service has provided 18 exercise points throughout the trail to target a full-body workout. Follow the instructions on the sign at each point.

Friday, June 2, 2017

GIVEAWAY: Jord Wooden Watch

Happy Friday readers!

I'm so excited that giveaway time is finally here! About a month ago I did a product review on my Jord Wooden Watch and now it's your turn to have one.

The most exciting part is that EVERYONE receives some sort of reward from entering. Everyone that enters gets a code for $25 towards their very own watch and one lucky winner will be chosen next week to receive $100.

I cannot tell you enough how much I love my watch and hope that each of you enjoy yours too!

Luxury Wooden Watch

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

5 Favorite Rooftop Bars in DC

Now that cool, spring days are slowly turning into blazing-hot summer days it's time to get in the spirit of outdoor celebrations. I've already discussed my favorite happy hours and brunches in DC, both indoor and outdoor, but with the ever approaching heat and humidity wave that encompasses D.C. each year it's time to talk about another favorite past-time: rooftop sunset and night-time cocktail hours.

I'm not really one for extreme late-night drinking, hence my enjoyment and fascination with brunch and happy hour, but sometimes a nice evening out is just necessary. So, I combine nighttime with class and take to the roofs of D.C. for a cocktail or two in my favorite LBD.

It's the perfect combination of being social yet serene because the views encourage everyone to take a step back, really enjoy the drink in their hands, and admire the view.

So, without further adieu, my 5 favorite rooftop bars in DC:

1) Top of the Gate- Foggy Bottom

Address: 2650 Virginia Ave. NW Washington, D.C.  20037
Drinks: High End Cocktails and Signature Pizzas
Attire: Dressy Casual

2) The Observatory- Georgetown

Address: 1075 Thomas Jefferson St. NW Washington, D.C. 20007 (Top of the Graham Hotel)
Drinks: Selection of Fine Wines, Cocktails, and Craft Beers
Attire: "Georgetown Chic"- According to Their Website

3) The POV Lounge- Center City

Address: 515 15th St. NW Washington, D.C. 20004
Drinks: Signature cocktails, house wines, and craft beers
Food: Full Dinner and Brunch Menu ($40 per person minimum to reserve a table)
Attire: Cocktail

4) Beacon Sky Bar- DuPont Circle

Address: 1615 Rhode Island Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20036
Drinks: Classic Cocktails, Wine, and Beer
Attire: Casual

5) Vantage Point- Rosslyn

Address: 1900 N. Fort Meyer Dr. Arlington, VA 22209
Drinks: Cocktail and Wine Menu
Food: Full Restaurant Service
Attire: Dressy Cocktail

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

This past weekend may have been one of the best weekends I've had in a very long time. Looking back I can't do anything but smile and appreciate all of the blessings in my life.

Today is a day to remember those that have fought for our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Each year on Memorial Day we honor those fallen through services, parades, and kind words. It has also turned into a day of celebration with family and friends, an opportunity that not all have and that should be cherished wholeheartedly.

So today I just want to post quickly and say thank you to those who have served and paid the ultimate sacrifice and to reflect on all of the blessings I have in my life as a result of their heroism.