Friday, January 6, 2017

5 Tips to Increase Motivation at Work

Usually Fridays have me wishing for the weekend and counting down the hours until I can leave the office and head home.
Today in particular I’m feeling super #girlboss-y and organizing the many new exciting projects I have coming my way that are going to include a ton of amazing travel and meeting wonderful new people from across the country.
Days like today force me to get organized, stay on task, and find ways to keep my motivation pumping. I found that there are really easy steps I can take to keep my drive going and organize in a way that will have me on track for all of the busy things to come.

1)   Pump Up the Jams
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE listening to music. I read a quote somewhere that said “When you’re happy you enjoy the music, when you’re sad you understand the lyrics.” That definitely struck a chord with me (see what I did there?)… but I realized that even when I’m happy there are some songs that have such great messages that they encourage my day.
In 2012 a song by One Republic came out called “I Lived”. If you’ve never heard it, go listen on YouTube.
That same year I made a Pandora playlist from that song title and it has been my absolute GO-TO!
It’s the perfect mix of pop-rock and upbeat songs that basically all have self-encouraging messages to go tackle the world. What better music to listen to while organizing my work and setting goals for the year.
Everyone has different taste in music (I prefer country over everything, mixed with pop and upbeat music like this playlist), but I’m sure everyone has that playlist that makes them want to tackle the world.
So, get started getting organized by pumping up your favorite jams (and if you’re in a cubicle like me, pump up the headphones).

2)   Make a To-Do List
I CANNOT emphasize how important it is to make a to-do list! It keeps me accountable and makes me visualize all of the tasks I have to do.
I use a cute little notebook to write out all of the things I have to do each day and I also mark out important times throughout the day for meetings and a goal to get things done.
It’s as simple as that but can improve productiveness infinitely!
Whether you want to keep a running list on your computer, in your phone, or written down it absolutely works 100%!

3)   Plan Everything in a Written Agenda

My agenda is my life. No joke. I “pencil” people and events “in” like it’s no-body’s business.
I’ve tried using the calendar on my phone, on my computer, and Google calendar but nothing keeps me quite as organized as writing it all down. I think I see a trend in my archaic need to have everything written down.

I usually use the Lilly Pulitzer planners that come out each summer 18 months ahead, but I had a color scheme in mind this year (as you’ll see in point 4) so I went to my local Papyrus store and bought the Kate Spade 2017 black and white stripe planner shown above.
It’s the size of a normal notebook, just a bit thicker, and I use it for literally everything. I block out long trips in the monthly view, I use the daily view for smaller to-do lists and daily events like Happy Hours, classes I attend at the gym, etc…

Another thing I’ve begun doing to systemize my agenda is use washi tape to block out certain times or keep them reserved. Historically I’ve used different colored highlighters and pens, but in an effort to make it look more uniform I’ve stuck to my classic blue pen (I always write in blue ink) and washi tape.

4)   Use a Color Scheme
Picking a color scheme has increased my productivity TEN-FOLD! I will admit that I am one for aesthetics and making sure things at home (and in the office) are a nice space to work in.
When I moved to my new job with my fancy new cubicle I vowed to make it a place I loved working. (Stay tuned, I will show you how to make a cubicle a ‘you-bicle’). I decided to go with a color scheme to make everything uniform.
I chose black, white, and gold because 1) it wasn’t too showy and 2) Target had a great selection.
I haven’t yet added all of the pieces quite yet, but I’ve started with my file folders, Kate Spade agenda, to-do notebook, coffee mug, and Kate Spade water cup (yes, there’s a splash of purple).
Something about having cute supplies encourages me to be organized and, as an added bonus, makes me look well prepared when in meetings with colleagues.  

5)   Look to Role-Models for Encouragement
This is an important one that people tend to forget about by getting lost in the chaos of everyday work.
All of us have people that we’ve met over the years and that have, in one way or another, led us to the person we are. Every single person we encounter in our lives are either a blessing or a lesson and it’s important to showcase those blessings that helped you get to the position you’re in now.
It could be something like a coffee mug that encourages you to act like your favorite character on TV (see: my Leslie Knope coffee mug).
OR it could be a small wall in your space dedicated to personal pictures of friends and family that have been by your side and shaped you into who you are.
Either way, it’s impossible for me to loose motivation in my day when I look over my shoulder and see the faces of those I love smiling at me J

I hope this was helpful and I’d love to hear about things you do at work to keep yourself motivated! xoxo

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