Wednesday, January 4, 2017

75 Things to be Grateful for in 2017

It’s no lie that one of my absolute favorite things to do to spend a bit of free time and clear my head is look through quotes on Pinterest. There’s something so comforting in looking at words from other people that match the exact feelings I’m going through at that time. I usually brings about a sense of comfort that there is at least one other person out there that understands either your joy/sadness, motivation/laziness, love/loss, etc… and can put it into beautiful words.

I stumbled upon this quote from Beau Taplin, a very popular author whose quotes are beautifully written and found just about everywhere on Pinterest now-a-days.

ABSOLUTELY perfectly said, am-I-right?!?

It gave me the inspiration to do something that many people recommend as a mental wellness trick: write out 75 things I love. 75 things that bring me joy every day and encourage me to grow as a person and be my best self every single day - not just at the beginning of a New Year.

Undeniably, and I think it’s a global trend at this point, my 2016 had a few shadows cast upon it. But writing out the 75 things I love, the 75 things I’m grateful for and blessed to have reminded me that the year wasn’t a bad year…. not at all… it was actually an amazing year filled with many small victories and growing opportunities that have led me to where I am today (and I must say…. I’m feeling pretty #girlboss right now).

So, here’s my list and I’d love to hear some of the little joys that you love in the comments!

1)      Laughter

2)      My first sip of coffee every morning (pumpkin spice coffee creamer, of course)

3)      Dancing around the Christmas tree with family

4)      The opportunity to travel

5)      Giving advice/helping a friend

6)      French bulldogs (don’t have one, just want one)

7)      Friends that are family

8)      Family that are friends

9)      Binge-watching Netfilx

10)   My little Georgetown neighborhood

11)   Bottomless brunch

12)   French macaroons

13)   Cold, crisp air

14)   Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Cellars… so delish!)

15)   Pride in my work

16)   Hiking

17)   My Kate Spade planner

18)   Cycling

19)   Home dΓ©cor ideas

20)   Handwritten thank-you notes

21)   Trip planning

22)   Plaid and flannel

23)   Lilly Pulitzer

24)   Seeing Christmas lights

25)   Dry Shampoo (hello extra half-hour of sleep!)

26)   Sunshine

27)   My parents

28)   Steak dinners (BLT Steak DC…. a must go!)

29)   Peonies

30)   Sunday morning Mass

31)   Adult coloring books

32)   Long runs (even though I’m really quite terrible at running)

33)   God

34)   Alone time every once in awhile

35)   My new Yeti (hello??? my morning tea stays hot ALL DAY)

36)   Country music

37)   The feeling of wanderlust

38)   LUSH masks

39)   New possibilities

40)   My education (2016 was there year I completed my Master’s… so I’d say that marks a decent year)

41)   Crockpot recipes

42)   Montana (stay tuned… I’ll be going in March and I have a feeling I am going to move there)

43)   My car (bought myself my first car as a graduation gift… very proud of it)

44)   Pinterest

45)   Carefree dancing

46)   The sunrise

47)   Fall leaves

48)   Rom-com movies

49)   Salty, beach air

50)   Sweaters

51)   Throw pillows in every color for every season

52)   Airplanes

53)   Chai Tea lattes

54)   Seeing passion in people’s eyes

55)   Squatting

56)   Wearing leggings as pants

57)   Hearing people’s stories

58)   Reading

59)   Mt. Everest (will be doing the Base Camp Trek in 2020… stay tuned)

60)   Journaling

61)   My cozy DC studio

62)   Bread and pasta (I mean, who doesn’t love carbs)

63)   Entertaining

64)   Candles

65)   Truffles

66)   Road trips in my car

67)   Notalgia

68)   The West

69)   Donuts with sprinkles

70)   Black & white photos

71)   Coffee shops

72)   The “I Lived” playlist on Pandora

73)   Zumba classes

74)   Sunday Steelers football

75)   The opportunity to love all of these things

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