Thursday, January 26, 2017

Inauguration Weekend 2017

Full disclosure: this post is bipartisan, apolitical. I don’t want it to be a discussion on whether or not I (or you) support the results of the election.

This is a post about Inauguration, an American tradition that dates back to our Founding Fathers.

This is a post about democracy, the ideal on which our country stands.

I had the opportunity to attend two Inaugural Balls, Inauguration, and the Women's March on Washington all within 48 hours of one another. Politics aside, these are amazing opportunities that not everyone in the world receives.

I was in the ballroom at the Marriot Marquis in Washington, D.C. with people from all around the country and all around the world the night before history was made.

I walked through the streets of Washington, D.C. the morning of inauguration and saw those that disagreed with election results peacefully protesting.

I sat just rows behind the stage as he took the oath to serve as the highest ranking civilian in the United States while is supporters cried and cheered for the candidate they believed in.

The next day I walked from my northwest D.C. apartment down to the National Mall to witness over 600,000 women and men practice peaceful protest and voice their beliefs and concerns.
You may not agree with certain aspects of policy, or you may believe strongly in others, but all of these opportunities put me at the forefront of history. All of these opportunities allowed me, and hundreds of thousands of other Americans practice democracy.

I urge you: take part in democracy. Speak your mind. Get involved. Educate yourself on current events. Run for local office. Have educated conversations with those that both agree and disagree with you so that you may both understand one another better. This right is the cornerstone on which America was built.

I will not go into too much detail, I just want to share some of my own personal photos as I witnessed history:

Illinois State Society Heartland Inaugural Ball, January 19, 2017



Inauguration January 20, 2017



Women's March on Washington, January 21, 2017


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