Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inside the White House

With the Inauguration coming up tomorrow and an overall crazy week here in Washington, D.C. I wanted to share my experiences visiting the White House and give you quick information on how, you too, can visit very easily. 

At one of my old jobs I managed the internship program. Each semester I would have anywhere from 5-15 interns to supervise that came to DC expand their education, gain research experience, and visit the Nation's capitol. 

I wanted to always ensure that they saw as much as they could while they were here and what better tour to set them up on than the WHITE HOUSE?!?!

So, every semester I took them on the tour of the East Wing (the West Wing tours are extremely exclusive and harder to come across).

It's actually very simple to get a tour set up!

All you have to do is contact either your Congressman/woman or State Senator. It's best to give the staff assistant that will help you multiple dates and times for your potential tour so you can more ensure there is a window available. They will ask for information (name, birthday, address, place of birth, ssn, etc....) so that a background check can be run on you. 

If all adds up you will get a tour! 

Simple notes: you can't bring anything with you that day. The only thing is things that can be on your person: wallet, cell phone, that's basically it. So plan accordingly. 

Read everything. Take pictures. Take your time and really appreciate where you are standing. 

Regardless of political beliefs you are standing among history when visiting the White House. It is something I firmly believe every American should experience and appreciate because it is extremely humbling and encouraging.

Let me know if you need any help contacting your Representatives!

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  1. Such a cool experience and I had no idea it was that easy to set up! Definitely something that is on my bucket list for the next time I'm in DC! Thanks for sharing!


    Shannon |