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10 Places for Brunch/Breakfast in Georgetown

I live in a cozy little neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C. that’s just about a 15 minute walk from the main strip of Georgetown.

Consequently, I often find myself walking through Georgetown more often than not for shopping, happy hours, but more importantly my favorite meal…. Breakfast/weekend brunch.

If you didn’t already know, brunch is a sort of ritual in Washington, D.C. Every Saturday and Sunday between 11:00-3:00 (ish) you will find restaurants packed with people indulging in all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink brunch.

Sometimes there are 2 hour time limits, but others you can legitimately sit down for hours upon hours with your friends to eat, drink, and be merry.

Georgetown is a neighborhood in D.C. that really embraces this culture so I wanted to share a few of my favorite brunch places for when you’re spending a day or weekend there.

I’ve also added a few coffee shops and on-the-go breakfast joints for anyone traveling that is in more of a hurry than to sit down for a few hours for brunch.

1)      Sequoia

Saturday/Sunday brunch deal: $50 for all you can drink Mimosas, seasonal Bellinis, and Bloody Marys along with access to a multi-room brunch buffet.

Seriously, my absolute FAV brunch in all of DC. The buffet has anything you can possibly imagine to include breakfast items, seafood, Italian, southern comfort food, sushi, desserts, et….

I would recommend going in the summer because their outdoor patio is right on the Georgetown Waterfront and creates a perfect ambiance for brunching.

2)      Farmers, Fisher, Bakers

Saturday/Sunday brunch deal: $30 for the brunch buffet. Mimosas and other cocktails sold separately but at a moderate price.

If you haven’t heard of the Farmer’s group yet, you must! It is a farm-to-table company that now has three different restaurants open in the D.C. metro area: Founding Farmers (multiple locations), Farmers, Fishers, Bakers (Georgetown), and Farmers and Distillers (City Center/Chinatown).

Every meal I’ve had at any of the restaurants has been absolutely phenomenal and the brunch buffet at Farmers, Fisher, Bakers is no different.

My absolute favorite thing is the honey fried chicken. After that that I enjoy the ‘French Toast bar’ that has serve-yourself bananas fosters.

They also bring around tasting plates to the table so that in between trips to the buffet you have a little something delicious to munch on.

3)      El Centro

Saturday/Sunday brunch deal: $35 all you can eat tapas and all you can drink Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Bloody Marias, Frescas, and Margaritas.

This brunch is basically the right of passage to other D.C. brunches. I guarantee you that anyone that has lived in D.C. over 3-6 months has been to this brunch and had their fair share of fun.

El Centro has a two-hour limit, but with the pace of service…. two hours is about all you need.

My favorites are the potatoes, the nachos, the guac, and the churros with chocolate sauce for dessert.

I also recommend that you start off with something weaker like Mimosas or Bloody Marys and end with only 1 or 2 margaritas… you won’t last any other way.

4)      CafΓ© Bonapart

Saturday/Sunday brunch deal: French style a la carte menu with classic brunch cocktail specials.

CafΓ© Bonapart is an adorable French style restaurant with ambiance that reflects it. It isn’t a place to go with a big group for brunch with the intention of ‘brunching hard.’

It’s more a place for one or two girlfriends, a brunch date, or brunch with family.

Quite literally I had plans the other week to go here with just one other girlfriend for the sole purpose of getting cute brunch pictures (hey… at least I’m honest).

It is still extremely delicious and sits just a couple blocks north of the main strip where you can find more unique shops, antiques, and other small cafes.

5)      Kafe Leopold

Saturday/Sunday breakfast: A la carte style with a European flare and drink specials.

Kafe Leopold is another Georgetown classic! It’s located in Cady’s Alley which lies just off of M Street and is absolutely adorable and quaint.

I usually go here when I’m just really craving some breakfast food. The food is absolutely DELICIOUS and even though I tend more towards savory breakfasts, I get something sweet every.single.time.

Also recommended would be to add Nutella to whatever you get because the Nutella heaping is very generous.

6)      Malmaison

Saturday/Sunday brunch: French a la carte style with $3 mimosas.

Malmaison is an experience in and of itself. I first visited it when I had family in town after I had seen it during a run. It’s on K street on the water but towards the docks and Key bridge rather, opposite direction of the ‘waterfront’.

The first thing I’ll say about it is that it has perfect dΓ©cor, arrangement, and ambiance. During the summer the walls are completely open and it looks like an old warehouse.

Inside though, they have cafΓ©-style seating, a 2nd floor that overlooks the first, and wonderful floral arrangements that really make the vibe wonderful.

It may sounds simple, but the single thing I recommend is to get the bread basket for the table. Any meal you get will be delicious, but you MUST start with the bread.

7)      Peacock CafΓ©

Saturday/Sunday breakfast: American style a la carte.

This is the perfect spot to take any friend or family member, regardless of their taste in food/drink.

The breakfast/brunch menu is compiled of all American classics and cooked perfectly!

For the health-nuts of the group they also have a juice bar with some of the best fresh-pressed juices I’ve ever tasted!

Also, they have one of the best brewed coffees that I’ve had with breakfast here in Georgetown.

It’s a nice sit-down but is also a lot quicker than a lot of the others on the list.

8)      South Block Juice Co.

No Saturday/Sunday specials: It is a juice bar, smoothie bar, and acai bowl palace!

South Block Juice Co. is located right on Grace Street (a block behind the canal) and is located inside of a shop that hosts South Block, Grace Street Coffee, and Sundivich (a sandwich shop).

South Block Juice Co. is the perfect place to grab a quick and nutritious breakfast, relax for a bit, grab a coffee at Grace Street Coffee and be about your day of shopping/exploring.

My absolute favorite item is the California Bowl. It’s an acai bowl with house-made granola, blueberries, bananas, and coconut. It’s perfectly filling and delicious!

9)      Paul’s

No Saturday/Sunday specials: It is a French bakery with a small cafΓ© seating area on the second floor.

It is likely true that 70%-80% of what you read on this page are written while I’m sitting at Pauls in the upstairs cafΓ© area, drinking a cafΓ© au lait, and people watching over Wisconsin Ave.

It’s the perfect place to do a quick grab-and-go as the first floor is bakery style and you can quickly order a pastry and a coffee and be on your way.

I do love the upstairs however, because they have darling French-style windows, fireplaces, and comfortable seating that allows me to get lost in a day. Also, the upstairs area has full-service dining so I can be sure my coffee is always full J

My two recommendations here are the cafΓ© au laits and the pistachio macaroons! To. Die. For.

10)   Dean and DeLuca

No Saturday/Sunday specials: It is a market with desserts, groceries, pastries, and coffee bar.

My recommendation for Dean and DeLuca is if you’re looking for something quick, but also want to gaze around some very neat products.

Dean and DeLuca is a staple of Georgetown with fine wines, unique cooking ingredients and supplies, along with a full service deli, bakery, and barista.

If you or your family is in a hurry I would recommend a chocolate croissant from the bakery in the back with a nice cup of coffee and a quick look around the store.

It’s right in the heart of Georgetown and the back stairs lead right to the canal which provides great site-seeing.

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations and PLEASE let me know which you’ve tried and others that you recommend! Happy Brunching!

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