Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Get Involved

The title of this post is pretty bossy: GET INVOLVED!

But, I've had a lot of readers asking me about how I seem to be so busy and having so much fun in all of the activities I do and all of the friends I keep.

I do want to send out a little disclaimer though: I am generally busy and doing fun things but that doesn't mean I don't sit at home, binge-watch Netflix, and drink Cab... because I do. A lot. I just choose to share the more fun activities to give my readers ideas on new things to try and new places to visit.

But, because I've had so many questions about all of my activities I want to start with one piece of advice: JUST. GET. INVOLVED.

There are so many opportunities out there to get involved.

To give you an example I'll tell you a few of the organizations I'm involved in:

  • The Institute of World Politics (my grad school) Alumni Association
  • DC Chapter Chi Omega Alumni Association
  • National Defense University Young Professionals
  • Miriam's Kitchen- Serving Food to the Homeless
  • Holy Trinity Church- Youth Mentoring

Now, those are a few of the groups I'm involved with that have official names, but I'm busy with great groups of friends all of the time. 

I've met some through undergrad. I've met some through grad school. I've met some through work. I've met some through these organizations. Basically, putting yourself out there and doing the things you love will surround you with other people that have those same interests. 

One question I have over and over is, 'How do you just, do, these things?' Well, the answer is simple: I just do them. 

I want to take a trapeze class, so I talked about it at work, found out that a colleague does other classes at a gym that hosts trapeze school, got another colleague on board, and we're doing it. (Stay tuned because I have an entire blog post planned to be dedicated to my experience!) 

I needed a weekend at the beach, so I called up a friend I knew was always up for spontaneous adventure, and we went.

I love hiking Old Rag and was talking to some sorority sisters in my alumni chapter that hadn't climbed it, so I planned a hiking day for everyone. 

I wanted to visit Europe so I invited a friend that had never been, hit up some old friends that live in multiple destinations, and planned it. 

Sometimes you just have to be the ringleader in your own life. I would travel everywhere in the world if I could. I would try every single activity there is out there. So, I just started doing things. Some of these things take some time to plan save money for, others are free or cheap which gives me no excuse other than to just GO.  

And, you can too! Chances are your friends, family, colleagues, even just acquaintances want to do theses things too so just get involved, take charge, and do them!

If I've learned anything recently it's that life is absolutely too short to just sit on the sidelines. Everyone's dreams of things they want to accomplish are different, that's what makes us all individually unique. But, one thing is certain that to even consider making these dreams a reality we all have to unequivocally decide that we're going to chase them and take that first step.

I hope this was what some of you were looking for and I hope it provided even the slightest bit of motivation or encouragement to just go after what you want and put your happiness into your own hands by doing the things you love. 

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