Saturday, February 4, 2017

Taking a Personal Day

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to me when I say I'm too busy. Literally. Always. Busy.

I don't know why I do it to myself but I usually overbook myself on weekends. I plan happy hours and dinners with friends during weekdays. That's not even to mention overtime at work and extra work that I always bring home. 

So, I decided that today I was going to plan a personal day. Usually on Saturdays I'll do brunch, errands, chores, drinks with friends and stay busy all day. NOT TODAY!

I actually wrote 'personal day' in my agenda and I planned to do absolutely nothing. I turned down plans, I'm saving chores for Sunday, and I'm having a me day. 

So far it has been absolutely perfect. I slept in a little bit and decided to take a walk to Georgetown with a gal pal that crashed at my place last night (I've since kicked her out so she can go enjoy her own personal day, but she was nice morning company). 

Our first stop was my favorite juice shop on Grace Street, South Block Juice Co. I got the California Bowl which is an acai smoothie base, house-made granola, blueberries, bananas, and coconut. 

It was seriously delish and the perfect way to start my day!

After that we darted over to Lush to each grab bath bombs. I got the seasonal Valentine's Day bomb called Rose Bombshell and I am too excited to soak in it as soon as I push 'publish' on this post.

After that I just had to stop in Vineyard Vines because I heard about their new activewear line and I just had to see. I generally wear the Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic line, but VV did not disappoint and I'm hoping to pick up one or two pieces to add to my insanely bright athletic clothing collection.

On the walk back up Wisconsin towards my place we passed a patisserie that had been recommended to me on Instagram called Patisserie Poupon and I can see why it came with such high praise! Because we had eaten already we each only grabbed a coffee (literally a perfectly roasted cup) but I got to droll over their display cases for a bit.

The most interesting part of the walk was when we passed a palm reading shop and decided to go in.... 'personal day,' so why not! 

I've never been sure if I buy into those types of things, but my friend went first and the things she told her actually reflected conversations she and I had had so I started to believe it's legitimacy. 

During mine she told my that my palm told her I was strong-willed, an old soul, and a hopeless romantic. DING DING! She hit the nail on the head with those. 

She asked if I wrote because she saw circles surrounding passion for writing and I told her about my blog. She said that she saw my blog being successful and that I would eventually write a book that would be published.

She added that I will eventually be a known figure when I walk into a room. That I am not meant to follow when it comes to work so I will either own a business or work high executive official. 

She told me that my friend and I (who coincidentally share a birthday) were sisters in a past life in the 1600s... so that's pretty cool!

All-in-all still not sure about all of that but everything she told me really did resonate with me and I'm glad I did it.

Now I'm back home, writing for a bit and the rest of the day is planned for finishing a book, catching up on Grey's Anatomy, and having Jimmy Johns delivered. It has been so long since I have truly done nothing and I think I need it to re-energize. 

I start my serious travel over the next few months so mental and physical relaxation days will be harder to come by. 

To all of my wonderful readers I HIGHLY suggest taking a personal day. I know how hard it is to get a day to yourself, but if anything take a morning, or an afternoon, or even and hour! It's so important for wellness to just do nothing, or do what YOU want to do vs. sticking to a strict schedule. I'm signing offline now to relax and enjoy my scheduled personal day <3

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