Wednesday, March 15, 2017

5 Best Wines Under $30

I came across this picture of a beautiful wine cellar I visited in Savannah, Georgia this past summer.

I hadn't been able to go home for my mom's birthday so while we were on our summer vacation in Hilton Head, SC we did a day in Savannah and I took her to The Olde Pink House for lunch. If you've never been I suggest going. The normal dining area is absolutely gorgeous and the food is delicious!

This spot is located in their basement pub/cellar area and is reserved for special occasions (I deemed my mom's 65th birthday to be one of those occasions).

Remembering back to the lunch had me really craving a glass of wine and because I've been entertaining so much I wanted to share my go-to's that are all under $30.

I am a red wine drinker so you'll notice three out of the five are red, but I added in a Chardonnay and a Cava because they are easy go-to pairing options.

Of course there are MANY other under $30 options (I mean HELLO and HOLLAR to Trader Joe's), but these are all easily accessible at my local grocery store and always fan favorites!

1) Domaine du Tariquet Chardonnay- $15.99

2) Decoy Sonoma County Pinot Noir- $21.99

3) Mark West California Pinot Noir- $10.99

4) Casteller Cava- $10.99


5) Napa Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon- $25.99

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