Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Every Day Bar Cart Styling

I'm super excited to share the first little bit of my apartment with you all today. A lot of you have been asking for me to do an apartment tour, which I promise I will, but today is about sharing my little bar cart.

I live in a 487 square foot apartment so I have to make most of my space and storage while still keeping the dΓ©cor 'cozy chic.' (Yes, I coined the term as the ultimate dΓ©cor goal for my home.)

One of my favorite focal points that serves the purpose of storage and entertainment is my bar cart. I got this 2-shelved, gold mirror cart on Amazon for next-to-nothing.

I tend to switch up the theme of my cart quite often based on holidays, seasons, and entertaining functions. But of course there are usually weeks, if not a month or so at a time that I'm not really using it so I keep it simply but chic-ly decorated.

Because my apartment is done in all whites and blush tones I decided that a white/gold theme to my bar cart would be perfect. It's simple, classy, but still a pop of fun that transitions well with the whole room.

So, this is my 'Every Day Bar Cart Style':

Top Shelf:

1st Essential: Fresh Flowers and Decorative Piece

Rule #1 for your bar cart is to always have fresh flowers. They bring the entire cart to life and just make for a more airy, homey feel. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get my flowers from Trader Joes because they have the absolute best selection and I can get a good 1.5-2 weeks out of one bouquet.

Also, in order to spice up the style a bit I always add a focal decorative piece like the white ceramic pineapple shown. For other holidays I change this up, but with spring/summer right around the corner it's a perfect every day piece.


2nd Essential: Coasters and Cocktail Napkins

I mean, it is a bar cart after all. You're going to need both of these things when serving drinks to guests (or just yourself!).
I decided to go with a set of marble coasters that I found at CB2 and white and gold printed cocktail napkins that I found at Paper Source.

This is definitely an area where you can throw some personal character in/use pops of color/add prints to your cart. Cocktail napkins are one of my favorite items on the cart to interchange for holidays and seasons, but as this is my style for every day, you get to see my theme.


3rd Essential: Decanter Set

My decanter set is absolutely one of my favorite pieces and investments. When I knew I was moving to my own place I splurged and got the one shown at Nordstrom from the Kate Spade Home Collection (not available any longer, but similar here).
I love the little extra detail from the gold specs on the decanter and matching glasses, and they're always a crowd pleaser.
Because I'm a bourbon drinker I got a whiskey decanter. Whatever YOUR favorite liquor is, I recommend getting the appropriate set so you can always have your favorite on hand. It's another way to add your personal touch to the cart.


Bottom Shelf:


Bar Tools/ Ice Bucket:

One thing to always keep on your cart is an ice bucket and the essential tools to make cocktails well.
Because I have a small bar cart I love this little all-in-one that I found from William Sonoma that's mad of white enamel and comes perfectly compact.
I've seen other larger carts that are able to have adorable ice buckets usually stacked on top of a few coffee table books for a nice focal point, but I just don't have the room so I love this solution.



Ask anyone, my favorite drink of all time is a Moscow Mule. With that being the case, I chose to keep a set of copper mule mugs on my cart for both practical purposes and because they are decorative all on their own. I found these from CB2 and just simply adore the shape style.
I have other friends that prefer mint juleps so they keep mason jars. Others prefer wine so they just keep a set of long-stem glasses. It's really up to your preference and just like the decanter it adds a hint of personalization.



It's essential to keep some sort of liquid that's not alcohol on your cart for mixing purposes. Because seltzer water is so universal (and the bottles add a nice hint of color) I always keep Pellegrino on my cart.
I have some friends that will keep various juices, mixes, etc.... but this is my easy and decorative solution.


Decorative Straws:

Honestly, I just like them. Paper straws like the ones shown have gotten very popular over the past few years and I just think they go great on my cart.
I keep white and gold ones as every day straws in an open Mason Jar and I have another nice decoration piece, focal point, and practical item at hand. These gold an white straws came from Amazon and are SUPER CHEAP!
This is another item like the cocktail napkins that I interchange based on seasons and holidays that helps to really transform my cart.

I hope this was super helpful to every one that lives in a small space or just wants to start small before transitioning to a larger bar cart. Ideally I would love a more rustic-y, wooden, 3-shelf rectangular cart, but that's just going to have to wait until I have the space.
Please leave ideas and inspiration in the comments!

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