Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to Productively Work from Home

Happy Thursday!

I work for a very great agency that encourages telework once or twice per week. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was into the whole idea at first but now I LOVE IT.

I am infinitely more productive when I work from home. Something about having my own space (even though I do try to make my cubicle home-y), silence, and no distractions helps me to get so much done.

I always try to start and end my week in the office so I usually choose either a Tuesday or Thursday to telework, just depending on meetings/obligations.

Telework and remote work has become more and more popular with advancement in technology, the push towards green efficiency, and space constraints in a lot of growing businesses. So, I wanted to share just a few tips on how to telework and be productive.

1) Get Up at the Same Time

This is the first step of a productive telework day is to treat it as any other day. Even though I don't have to get ready as extensively as I would to go to the office I still get up at the same time. 

I shower (usually without washing my hair because telework days are the perfect days to give your hair a break), brew a pot of coffee, put on a new set of clothes (honestly, just clean pjs more often then not L.O.L.), and set up my work space for the day.

2) COOK a Good Breakfast

This is a huge advantage to teleworking... you're home. You have your kitchen, all of your ingredients, real plates, etc...

I stress over and over again how important breakfast and having 3 meals in general is, so I always have a hot breakfast rather than a quick grab-and-go that I normally take with me to work.

Also, another recommendation because you have a bit of extra time in the morning is to go pick up your favorite breakfast. I have a fantastic acai bowl and juice place near me, so that's my option #2.

3) Stay Hydrated

Because I'm at home I'm exactly 12 steps away from my fridge at all times which means I constantly hydrate because my Brita is full, cold, and always on hand.

4) Take Your Breaks

My job allows me a 30 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks throughout the day. Usually my work wife and I go for walks around the building, go grab coffee, go grab lunch, etc...

It's easy to just get cooped up when at home, but do the same things. Go for walks, grab lunch at your favorite neighborhood spot, take your lunch outside, or go grab a Starbucks.

5) Turn on Some Music

I'm the type of person that works well with music. I always have it blasting in the car, playing in my headphones at work, jamming while I'm running, and basically listening any time I can.

For some reason, it just puts me in a good mood and boosts my productivity. So, when I'm home working and there's no one around me I crank up the tunes, focus in on my work, and just knock it out.

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