Tuesday, May 2, 2017

25 Reasons You're Killing it at 25

So I just turned 25 on Sunday. A quarter of a century..... honestly I don't know where the first 5 years of my 20s went, they seemed to just fly by!

I spent the entire weekend surrounded by friends here in DC and I was reached out by so many friends and family members back home that I couldn't help but feel like the luckiest and most blessed girl in the world.

AND on top of that, my baby Godson Levi was born on my birthday so we share the special day, just 25 years apart.

Maybe I'm sappy, or maybe it's just good for my well-being to constantly ponder and remind myself that for 25, I'm doing pretty well. I'm not doing better than most, but I'm also not worse off. I'm happy, I'm doing work I love, and I'm surrounded by people I love and that love me.

So, to kick off 25 I want to remind YOU of why you're killing it! Because you are. I promise. Some of these I have seen on other self-motivation blog posts and Buzzfeed articles that really resonated with me, but other are smaller, more incremental successes that show you every day you're killing it. Good for you!

  1. You Have a Roof Over Your Head
  2. You Eat Good, Nutritious, Meals by Choice
  3. You Exercise 
  4. You Have Means of Transportation 
  5. You've Accomplished Some of Your Goals
  6. You Have Other Goals You're Working Towards
  7. You Have a Unique Personality
  8. You Have an Education
  9. You Have Ride-or-Die Friends
  10. You Have an Enemy or Two
  11. You Have a Sense of Judgement
  12. You've Loved
  13. You've Been Hurt....
  14. .... But You've Learned From It
  15. You Have Hobbies
  16. You've Tried New Things....
  17. .... And You've Failed at Some of Them
  18. You Make an Income
  19. You Saved Some of Said Income
  20. You Travel and Experience New Things
  21. You Call Your Family 
  22. You Savor the Little Things
  23. You Know When to Say NO
  24. You Know When to Say YES
  25. You're YOU!

Now, I understand some of these are bigger than others! But... if we all live for the big things in life we'll be constantly missing out on small, incremental joys that are around us every day. 

I challenge you: stop for a good cup of coffee and really enjoy it. Go for a walk and admire the Spring flowers as they bloom. Look up at the sky. You're killing it!

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  1. Great tips! These seem like little things, most of which many of us don't think we do, but we do! Happy 25!!