Friday, May 5, 2017

Kentucky Derby Essentials


I have always loved horse races and attended local, smaller races growing up in Pittsburgh. When I moved to Virginia for college I really got the chance to attend some of the larger races and just adore the atmosphere of race day.

Something about having everyone tailgating, dressing to the nines, and enjoying beautiful spring days has me in love. I could spend every weekend at the tracks if there was a chance. Honestly, I'm not even much of a gambler so I rarely place bets, I just go to enjoy the experience.

Tomorrow will be my first time attending the Kentucky Derby. The Run for the Roses. Churchill Downs and all that comes along with it. I simply could not be any more excited than I am right now. I'm going off of about 4 hours of sleep and have about a 10 hour drive after work, but honestly the excitement and adrenaline has me beyond ecstatic!

My original idea for this post was going to be listing out the essentials for the Derby or for throwing a Derby party. But really, that's so been-there-done-that. Everyone knows and everyone embraces the floral dresses, seersucker suits, big hats, mint juleps, southern fried chicken, and on-and-on.

So I decided to share my favorite Derby items for this year instead! And don't worry, even if you can't run to pick up these staples for tomorrow, there are plenty of more races and reasons to throw on your Sunday best throughout the rest of the spring and summer!

Favorite Women's Dresses:

Top Large Left: Shoshanna Bouquet Print Esther Gown
Top Large Middle: Floral Cross Front Maxi Dress
Top Right: Off-the-Shoulder Strapless Dress with Ties in Faille
Middle Right: Gabby Shift Dress in True Navy
Bottom Right: Peplum Dress in Classic Faille
Bottom Middle Right: Run for the Roses Printed Derby Dress
Bottom Middle Left: Georgia Ribbon Floral Dress
Bottom Left: Pearl Shift Dress in Bugalow Pink

Favorite Men's Pieces:

Top Large Left: Horse Repeat Sportscoat
Top Right: Smathers and Branson American Flag Needlepoint Belt
Right Upper Middle: Finish Line Printed Breaker Pants
Right Lower Middle: Mint Julep 2-Panel Bow Tie
Bottom Right: Straw Fedora
Bottom Middle: Bright Coral Captiva Gingham Button-Down Shirt
Bottom Left: Ludlow Suit Jacket in Seersucker

Hats, Fascinators, and Bags

Top Large Left: Christina A. Moore Hibiscus Panama Big Brim
Top Right: Straw Derby Clutch
Middle Right: Giovannio Tasha Asymmetrical Sisal Hatinaor
Bottom Right: Gemini Link Patent Chain Shoulder Bag
Bottom Right Middle: The Finish Line Favorite Derby Hat
Bottom Left Middle: Cameron Street Straw Clarise
Bottom Left: Floral Fascinator

I personally have decided on a water-colored floral print Kate Spade dress with different shades of pinks, oranges, and blues. Because I have more should-length hair I can't rock a big hat like I would like so I've paired my dress with a local artisan-made pink fascinator, nude heels, and a straw clutch.

So everyone dress to the nines, grab a mint julep, and I'LL SEE YOU AT THE RACES!

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