Friday, June 9, 2017

Best Running Trails in DC

So for the past couple weeks I have been absolutely killing myself to get back into shape. I was feeling a little fluffy after winter and for my own personal well-being I feel happier about 5-7 pounds lighter than I was.

Well, as of this morning I DID IT!! A couple weeks of eating really clean and running has me feeling (and looking) so much better. I've already written a post on 'getting summer ready' and put the disclaimer that everyone is beautiful in their own ways, own body types, and own personalities. Being slim and fit is just the way I feel my best me.

My secret to the clean eating has been meal prepping and staying rather paleo with the majority of my food being meats, vegetables, and eggs.

My secret to exercise has been running. To be honest: I. HATE. RUNNING! I always have and I've never been super great at it. But, the weather has been so great here in D.C. and I've found some amazing new spots that have made it super easy, and the results speak for themselves.

Check out my new favorite running spots and comment with any favorites of your own!

Georgetown Waterfront Trail

Distance: 3 Mile Loop
Path: Start at the Georgetown Waterfront and take the river path east past the Kennedy Center for 1.5 miles to the Lincoln Memorial and back.
Bonus Exercise: Depending on the time of day, run the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial for an extra burn!

Great Falls Virginia

Distance: 3 Miles- Down the Path and Back
Path: Start at the Visitor's Center and run east along the river trail.
Disclaimer: There are portions where running is more difficult and it becomes more of a hiking path. It is still great exercise to run/hike the trail.
Bonus Exercise: When taking breaks from running take some of the paths down to the river. An easy bit of hiking/climbing is required, getting some diversity in your exercise.

Alexandria Waterfront Trail

Distance: Variable- I Generally do a 6 Mile Loop
Path: Start at the Alexandria Waterfront and run north along the river trail. The trail will take you all the way to D.C. if you want a very long distance run (7-8 miles and then back south) but I generally run up to the Potomac Yards area and then back sound making it  6.
Bonus Exercise: Every time you see a bench do 15 triceps dips.

Roosevelt Island

Distance: 1.5 Miles along the Swamp Trail (Perimeter of the Island)
Path: Start at the parking lot and follow signs for the swamp trail. It takes you along the perimeter of the island and can be circled as many times as desired.
Disclaimer: This is a memorial island so reminder to be respectful of memorial sights and educational materials. 

Burke Lake Park

Distance: 4.5 Mile Loop
Path: Start at the parking near the amphitheater and follow the lake trail.
Bonus Exercise: The park service has provided 18 exercise points throughout the trail to target a full-body workout. Follow the instructions on the sign at each point.

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