Monday, June 26, 2017

First Weekend of Summer!

It's officially summer! Honestly D.C. has had pretty beautiful weather for a couple of months now, but last week marked the official start of summer so technically this weekend was the first weekend of summer.

Looking at my calendar I realize that summer is going to end about as quickly as it began.... I'm literally booked through September with a few random free Saturdays or Sundays here and there. But honestly, I prefer it that way. I love being busy, spending time with friends, and getting outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

This past weekend I did all of those things. Friday was spent drinking frozen mango margaritas and an early bedtime to prepare for a busy next two days.

Saturday was WMZQ fest at Jiffy Lube Live. There is honestly something so great about summertime and country concerts. We tailgated for hours and got to see Kelsey Bellerini, Brett Young (absolute favorite right now), and Lady Antebellum perform. It was a super long day that started at noon and went until about midnight, but it was absolutely worth it and we had an absolute blast.

Sunday honestly may have been one of the most relaxing days I've had in awhile. Our initial plan was to hike to Devil's Bathtub, but we woke up just a bit to late to make the drive.

So instead we put on our thinking caps and decided to go tubing instead. We went to Harper's Ferry West Virginia and rented tubes and just floated the river for a few hours. We got some much needed sun, listened to some summertime tunes, and basically solved all of the problems of the world chatting in the sunshine on the water.

As I said, I have a super crazy summer ahead with trips, visitors, and countless fun things planned. I'm so excited to continue to share it all with you, but as for now I can say I kicked off summer in the best way possible!

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