Arapahoe National Forest and Breckinridge, CO

OOOO my goodness you guys I am SO sorry for the delay in posting this final day of my trip out to Denver. When I got back I had a few short days in DC, then a weekend in Louisville, then another short couple of days and now I’m in Los Angeles. In between all of that I’ve had multiple important presentations for work, I launched my YouTube channel, and I’ve been trying to spend time with my fiancé… still geeking out over that.

But, better late than never!

This afternoon adventure really was the cherry on top of a beautiful week. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do things for yourself, and optimizing my time on work travel with adventures like this really is a way for me to treat myself. This was even more enjoyable because my work-wife was able to come with me, so we both were able to have an infinite amount more fun.

The main destination was Breckenridge. I’ve heard such great things throughout my lifetime, but I’ve never been. To get there though, you have to go through Arapahoe National Forest, which was quite the treat.

About an hour into the drive the GPS re-routed us {I guess because a tunnel ahead was blocked} so instead of going around on of the mountains, we went up and back down the other side. It ended up being one of our favorite parts of the day because we go amazingly beautiful views and got to see the continental divide. Funny how an accidental detour can end up being so worthwhile.

We arrived to Breckenridge and I first want to talk about the shops and restaurants. You guys, this main street really is a snow globe town. The street is lined with the cutest buildings made up of little local shops and bakeries and restaurants. There is so much to see and so much you want to buy that you could easily get lost for HOURS just walking up and down.

We ate at a little bar that had delicious burgers and I can only imagine stopping in after a long day of skiing for a burger and beer.

It’s important to take a minute to note that Breckenridge is primarily a resort town. It’s busiest during the winter months as a grade-A ski destination for families and skiers of all skill-level. But, I was so impressed that even during the Fall months there is plenty to do for a day or a short weekend to get away in the mountains.

As you can tell from the next group of photos, I THRIVED in this town. First of all I love the cold. Second, I love the mountains. Third, I’m a sucker for picturesque towns that make me feel as if I’m living in a Hallmark movie.

Regardless of if you’re into snow-sports I would highly recommend making a trip. Whether it’s only for a day to get away from Denver or for a weekend or full week with the family, it is worth your while.

Melissa and I noticed a few real-estate postings and realized that 1 and 2 bedroom condos really aren’t that pricey. I’m thinking that Devin and I’s 5-7 year plan could be to buy an investment property out there, rent it out to travelers, and enjoy it whenever we want. It’s simply that gorgeous and the thought of taking eventual kiddos out there to make winter memories is one I can’t let go.