Portland and Canon Beach, Oregon

Any of you that follow me on Instagram have already seen a sneak peak of these photos. I honestly took so many pictures because every corner I turned on my trip out West had simply the most beautiful sights I've seen. As a quick refresh, Devin and I traveled to Oregon and Washington{state} for an extra long Labor Day weekend. Because we did so much and saw so many things I've decided to break down each day into it's own blog post and then do a full itinerary recap at the end so you can all use them to copy and paste in your own trip planning. Today I'm going to combine Thursday and Friday morning because that will encompass all of our sights in Oregon. From there I'll have to do four separate posts for all of the Washington adventures so stay tuned and be sure to follow along!

Portland, OR

I may get some hate for this, but I wasn't all that impressed with Portland. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a unique city, it just might be a little too bizarre and laissez-faire for me. It's definitely a very progressive town which I admire and respect, I just couldn't see myself spending any length of time there besides a weekend or short trip with friends.

We did however, eat some amazing food and drink some great cocktails! One place that CANNOT be missed is VooDoo donuts. I know it sounds cliché and it seems over-recommended, but there really is a reason everyone tells you to go: it's to die for. First off, the prices are amazing {I was expecting $5 donuts and was pleased to see they were only $2}. Second, the atmosphere is super unique and fun. And third, they're insanely delicious- like out of this world good! We only got a few and definitely regretted not just getting a half-dozen.

Aside from that we really just walked and site-seed. We were staying about 2 miles south on Hawthorne so we walked the whole strip up to the city, across the Hawthorne bridge, along the water, and ended in the Pearl district. It really was cool and I'm glad we visited! It was good to be out of my comfort zone and witness a completely different vibe than I'm used to in DC.

Canon Beach, OR:

After spending all of Thursday and Thursday night in Portland we had our sights set on greater Oregon. Per Devin's request we didn't really plan anything for Friday so that we could just leisurely drive up the coast from Oregon to our AirBnB near Seattle. Being the planner that I am I had tremendous anxiety, but fortunately we ended up having the best day and found some amazing sights!

As we drove out of Portland we headed straight toward the coast. Along our drive we noticed a town called Canon Beach on the map and decided it would be a great place to pull over. As we approached the town we were presented with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and coastal rocky mountains. My emotions kicked right in and I cried simply because of the sheer beauty of it all. Also, neither Devin nor I had ever seen nor touched the Pacific Ocean and we were both experiencing it for the first time. I ran full speed to dip my toes and was also pleasantly surprised at how refreshing the smell was {the Atlantic doesn't exactly smell good}. It was such an amazing moment and I was so glad to be experiencing it with my best friend.

The town itself was quite a delight with cute shops, restaurants, and houses. We jokingly decided that when we move to the West coast we would buy a vacation home there to enjoy our summers. From there we had our sights set on the boarder of Oregon and Washington to visit a brewery that Devin had researched.

Rogue Brewery

Our last stop in Oregon was to a brewery right on the border of the two states. You can see in my photos the giant bridge that connects the two, and Rogue Brewery sits right below on the Oregon side. I'm not a huge beer fan, but Devin is quite the connoisseur. I got a cider whereas he tried a couple flights to really taste the difference in the hops and brew tactics. The food was absolutely insane! I'm still dreaming of the pretzels and cheese curds we split to start. I realize that this border-town may not be on all of your lists, but I highly recommend trying to squeeze it in if you're planning a trip out West!